What's the turnaround time once I place my order?


Although I may keep some pieces in stock, most of my jewelry is made to order.  

Production times will vary based on the design and material.  

Keeping that in mind, here is a guideline:

  • Matte and Polished Silver ---> 7-10 business days
  • Antique Silver ---> 7-10 business day
  • 14k Gold/Rose Gold/White Gold ---> 7 business days
  • 14k Plated Brass: Gold/Rose Gold ---> 9 business days
  • Matte & Polished Brass ---> 7-9 business days
  • Matte & Polished Bronze ---> 7-9 business days


Do you offer free shipping?


All ground orders ship FREE!! (4-7 business day for delivery)


Can you tell me more about the materials you use?


Antique Silver all recessed details are blackened to achieve a steampunk look

Polished silver is lightly hand polished to achieve a smooth finish but still can have some surface texture.

Matte silver is mechanically polished so may show striations and have a rougher surface texture.

Polished Brass goes through extensive hand polishing to give it a smooth, shiny finish.

Raw Brass has a rustic matte look, with rough surfaces and some tarnishing (color spots). 

  • Brass consists of 15% zinc, 5% tin, and 80% copper.

Raw bronze is a high-detail metal with a deep red color similar to rose gold. It has a subtle marbling effect, and the silvery highlights give each piece their own unique character.  It has a rustic, matte look with rough surfaces.

Polished bronze goes through extensive hand polishing to give it a smooth, glossy finish. 

  • Bronze consists of 10% tin and 90% copper. A safe, transparent nano-coating is added to the surface in order to protect your products from tarnishing. However, over time and wear, the bronze will still naturally tarnish.

Brass Plated Metals are cast in Brass before going through extensive hand polishing to create a smooth surface texture. After being cast, we under-plate the brass with a tin-rhodium alloy to provide strength and durability. They are then plated with .25 microns of 14k Gold/Rose Gold/Rhodium. The outcome is a beautiful shiny luster with a high level of detail and smooth surface finish. For additional protection against wear and tarnishing, a very thin layer of nano-coating is added on top of the precious plating. Note that this nano*-coating will rub off with time and wear.

  • The tin-rhodium and precious metal electroplatings are about .25 micron each.

How should I care for my jewelry?


In order to preserve the finish on pieces, I recommend storing them in the original bag, or a cool, dry place. I do not recommend wearing brass plated jewelry to swim or exercise.

Silver is soft, so scrapes and scratches are to be expected as a normal part of wear. To minimize damage and ensure your product lasts a lifetime, I recommend storing it in the soft cloth pouch and away from other products.  Avoid exposing the product to household chemicals during cleaning as they can be damaging to the finish. Use the silver polishing cloth to maintain a glossy surface.

Brass Plated Metal is a durable material, but can still scratch or wear through. Prolonged surface wear can rub off the finish. To prevent damage, I recommend storing your item in a soft cloth pouch away from other products, and avoiding exposure to household chemicals and cleaning products.