Injustice Collector Come down!

You’re on a trolley to your goals, sitting up front, when you’re blindsided by an Injustice Collector; a tax collector of sorts who feels you should be punished for all the injustices you’ve committed against him or her. These cape-wearing collectors wear a mask of righteousness on their faces as they read from a long list of your offenses that they’ve collected over time, rather than communicating their upset to you at the time of the “offense.” It becomes an exercise in futility to defend yourself. You’re wrong and they don’t hear you or care.

This is what happens when a perceived upset isn’t addressed immediately. This is what happens when an unrealistic expectation is left unchecked; disappointment is inevitable. I choose to keep looking forward and ride the trolley to a new destination.

What should my new piece of jewelry be; a charm perhaps?

The scales of justice, or a mask.

A new piece to create will be my task!