My dear friend designs jewelry and came up with this concept of “jewelry as armor.” 

As in: “today I will arm myself with ___.”

I have been thinking of this notion. Now in the morning when I get dressed, I think as I put on my accoutrements: “what will protect me today?”

Not that I am a delicate flower in need of protection (well, I am in fact a delicate flower, but that is another blog!) – rather, it’s the thought that I can make myself invincible.  Invincibility is like the converging point at the end of parallel tracks: you’ll never actually reach it, but you strive toward it.  So when I put on a pretty watch, or just my Fitbit, and select my bracelets and beautiful Lotus ring or Power signet, I am reminded of what I need to arm myself with for the day: strength, patience, resilience, gratitude.  Life hurls its slings and arrows. Will I be able to fend them off?

I like to think whoever created Wonder Woman was using her cuff bracelets as a metaphor, not as a literal device. She deflects bullets and arrows; she ricochets whatever enemies throw her way.  I am doing the same. Maybe I was not ready to face the day, but I got up, got dressed, and armed myself with accessories which are beautiful and meaningful to me.  I am ready to face the world, repelling its stings and difficulties and small digs.  Maybe even find a degree of joy in the small beauties of the day and in my own fortitude.  I am not unbreakable, but I am resilient.

— Nella Dawn Casalino