What is P O W E R ?

What does POWER mean? How about having POWER? How about being POWERFUL?

I used to think it was dominating someone in all aspects. After years of being on the receiving end of my Father’s truculent tactics and verbal pummeling, I have a different take on the meaning.

Power is: knowing who you are and creating a space where everyone can’t help but start dancing to the rhythm of your mad beats!

You don’t have Power, you ARE POWER.

Being powerful is having equanimity. It’s standing in the face of major turbulence and staying even of mind, rooted in the knowledge of who you are.

Being powerful is like The Batman from comic books: the fierce, foe-crushing, inked version.

The Dark Knight of the Soul


Batman always found himself in energetic battles and yet he remained calm under pressure, relying on his utility belt to frequently save him.

Power is creating your own Life Utility Belt; accessing the correct mental armor to quickly, quietly, quench your foes, doubts or negative thoughts.

A few things…

  • I love comic books! I’m mostly a Marvel girl, but also grew up loving all things The Batman, especially Frank Miller’s version.

  • The quote from Joseph Campbell fit so perfectly with the image I found.

    • I encourage you to read anything by him

    • There is a great Netflix series: Joseph Campbell and the Power of the Myth

  • Equanimity and its meaning have long been occupying space in my head. I just finished designing 2 pieces, a charm pendant and a ring, that feature the “=” sign; literal but not too in your face. They are being cast in polished and matte silver. I’ll post pics to Instagram and FB when they arrive in a few weeks. I

Renders of the Equanimity Charm and Ring