Time is longer than Rope

My Mother was always ready with an old Jamaican adage to explain some decision or assuage some slight I was feeling.  The hurt was represented by the rope, which would eventually run out.  Time is a constant and through its long course my hurt would dissipate, the residue washing away as the hands of time wound round.

I think Time takes its shape for each of us by and through our perception of it.  The sharp-edged joy of soft lips meeting for the first time or a cruel comment by a confidant are experiences that seem to slow down and stretch Time.

My relationship and experience with Time has changed as I’ve become more aware of my thoughts, actions and interactions.  I strive to slow it down during interactions, stepping outside of myself to observe, then responding instead of reacting.

I used to think that I had run out of Time to take action on ideas swirling in my head.  What if I hadn’t found that Italian class held in a Catholic school in the Village?  What if I hadn’t signed up for that 4-day intensive jewelry design course with 8 strangers in an apartment on the Upper East Side?

I almost held on to that rope instead of Time’s constant flow.  I no longer rail against Time but slow it down when I can, following its arrow to a future I create.



Time’s Arrow …

A new Pendant Coming Soon

A few references:

  • The movie ARRIVAL talks about time, language, perception, past-future-present, non-linear thinking. It’s based on the book: Stories of Your Life and Others by Ted Chiang

  • I read this book a long time ago and may need to reread it:

    • An Arrow Through Chaos: How We See into the Future, by David Loye Ph.D

  • Of course I had to create a piece of jewelry to represent what I was thinking about. I set the time on the pendant clock to a little after 8pm, the time I was born. :)