Carrying my own Potential

Which would you prefer ...

Riding a bike down a hill to where you want to go, or rooted at the top, full of potential but waiting for a force outside of yourself to start you on your journey?

Not only was I stuck at the top of that hill, I was happy staying there, giving my potential energy to anyone as they passed.  I was hoping to catch a ride with them because I didn’t want the responsibility, results, or rewards. 

“Yes, take my best qualities and ride off with them while I stay here, too afraid to carry my own potential.” 

I’ve pushed off from the hilltop, moving from potential to kinetic energy.  I’m speeding down, enjoying the sights.  I can slow down, stop and change course.  I am carrying my own potential.

Potential Energy Pendant

A few notes:

  • I have long been fascinated by anything Jung.

  • Reference “Owning Your Own Shadow” by Robert A. Johnson

    • I’m working on a Shadow Collection

  • This is the actual symbol for Potential Energy

  • The pendant is available on my site